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Sofia Stomps (re-upload)Sofia Stomps (re-upload)

Sofia is also running low on dogfood... Original video by 65hahafunny.

Cleo First VR TestCleo First VR Test

Music @ Since yesterday, I have an Oculus Rift and I'm now experimenting with it in Unreal Engine 4 and I gotta say, I really like Cleo but ...

IBUbeta dragon stompIBUbeta dragon stomp

game link here: i love to see that there is another game in progress of this kind.

Insole Zekrom (pov Zekrom, Pokemon stomp)Insole Zekrom (pov Zekrom, Pokemon stomp)

Enjoy it. :з original : #pov #stomp #insole #Zekrom #pokemon.