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Kimberley Guilfoyle upskirt Panty shot 2 brightened upKimberley Guilfoyle upskirt Panty shot 2 brightened up

Slow motion Recorded from live from Facebook. KG showing off her pearly white panties by accident. Sexy legs and a nice clear shot.

Kimberly Guilfoyle - 4/21/14 Sexy in SocksKimberly Guilfoyle - 4/21/14 Sexy in Socks

Original video credit to FishOil.

Kimberly guilfoyle shows off ass & legsKimberly guilfoyle shows off ass & legs

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Jenna Wolfe Upskirt on Weekend TodayJenna Wolfe Upskirt on Weekend Today

NBC's Jenna Wolfe crossing her legs on live TV. Never works out well when you're wearing a skirt.